Game News

Bug Fixes By Someone
Tuesday 4th June 18:37

This update is purely for bug fixes, no new features were added!

- Keno can not be played when it is up for auction
- Roulette can not be played when it is up for auction

- When killing a crew boss the under boss takes over
- When both the under boss and boss are killed the crew drops
- On death properties are transferred to the shooter
- Hit list payouts are paid

- [ center ] BBCodes now center images
- Crew names are now clickable

UI Changes
- Replaced Discord ling and icon with official Discord logo and icon
- Fixed crimes overlapping the menu when on a mobile device.

Other Changes
- When registering the username validation check is now fixed

Game Update By Someone
Wednesday 1st May 20:17

I have made the following changes.

UI Tweeks
- Travel revamp
- Robbery Revamp
- Crew Revamp
- Background changes depending on location

Crew Tweeks
- Made all pages into sub menus
- Crew forum added
- Crew mass mail added
- Crew upgrade added

Update By Someone
Friday 26th April 19:58

I have updated the character development page you can now see achievements. As you complete achievements you earn "Achievement Points", you can spend these points to unlock "perks". Perks give you certain advantages within different areas in game. You can only select 3 perks so choose them wisely.

Dice Competition - 16:00 UK Time By Nonchalant
Saturday 20th April 08:05

Check the Black Market for more info

Update By Someone
Tuesday 16th April 09:56

I've just pushed a update live!

- Character Development: You can view your Character stats here.

- Improved AH UI a little (may require a cache reset or CTRL + F5)
- Improved Game UI on large desktops: Modules should be less stretched then they were before

Legendary Saturday By Nonchalant
Saturday 13th April 10:10

From 10:30AM til 23:30 PM UK Time Legendary items will be 5x more common from Robberies.

Yesterdays Update - Missing notes By Someone
Wednesday 10th April 13:24

In yesterdays update i forgot to add the following notes

- DESKTOP: Double clicking the game logo will take a screenshot of the game and download it. Any sensitive information like money/bullets/health etc... will be removed from the screenshot
- OC: Long item/car names no longer break the UI
- Auction: Long item/car names no longer break the UI

Game Update By Someone
Tuesday 9th April 17:30

The latest update aims to improve the general game play of the game. There has been no new big features but these are in the pipeline.

New Features
- Player search

Feature Enhancements
- Garage. When selling, repairing, moving or crushing cars alerts are condensed into one message.
- Garage. Bullet payout when crushing cars has been nerfed from 66 to 10
- Bullet Factory. Nerfed the bullet production rate and max stock.
- Properties. You can now drop owned properties.
- Properties. Un-owned casinos have a limit of $10,000 max bet
- Properties. Un-Owned bullet factorys have a cost of $150 per bullet
- Auction. Icons are displayed against items.

Bug Fixes
- Fixed profile when viewing an invalid profile
- Quote BBCode
- Auction. Points renamed to Crypto

Night City Blackjack Giveaway 17:00 UK Time By Nonchalant
Saturday 6th April 10:58

Check the Black Market topic for more info

Double Crime XP By Nonchalant
Saturday 6th April 08:09

XP doubled for all crimes from 08:00 6th April - 19:00 7th April (GMT).